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Clinic for skin improvement in The Hague

Are the first fine lines and wrinkles starting to show around your eyes? Or do you have slightly deeper wrinkles already? Fortunately, nowadays there are different methods available to combat these signs of skin ageing. Van Lennep Kliniek offers various treatments to improve your skin and make your eyes shine again. Coarse facial features, loss of volume, bags under your eyes or grey skin can be treated as well. Which treatment is suitable depends on many factors. Van Lennep Kliniek uses a “whole face approach”. The cosmetic doctor or skin therapist will always design a personalized treatment plan.

After all, every skin is different and requires a different treatment. During an extensive intake interview (free of charge) we’ll discuss what your options are and you can let us know what you expect from us. We can then determine whether Botox treatment is necessary or if our special facial care by dr. Zein Obagi or Environ for home use is sufficient for you. Sometimes a treatment with hyaluronic acid fillers can offer a solution.

Treatments for face and body

In addition to anti-wrinkle treatments, our clinic is the place to go for various other cosmetic procedures for both body and face. We offer laser treatments to remove scars and pigmentation spots, for example. We’re also happy to tackle other skin problems for you, such as acne and couperose. We can always offer a treatment that fits your situation or skin problem. Van Lennep Kliniek has two branches in The Hague and one in Oegstgeest. You’re always welcome for a consultation. The first consultation is free of charge. It’s entirely without obligation and enables us to tell you how we can help you.

Clinic for skin improvement in The Hague