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Have your Dutch M-form completed by the employees of this company near Nijmegen

You can submit your tax return as an expat in the Netherlands with an M-form. However, a huge disadvantage of this form is that it is only available in Dutch and cannot be completed online. It is therefore useful to have this M-form completed by Witlox International Tax Advice, a specialized tax company near Nijmegen – especially if you do not speak the Dutch language. This will certainly save you a lot of time and effort!

The form is mandatory when you have been living in the Netherlands for less than a year

Filing your tax return with the M-form can be quite a struggle if you work for a Dutch company; this is why Witlox International Tax Advice in Oss, near Nijmegen, offers a practical solution. The M-form is mandatory if you have been living and working in the Netherlands for less than a year. The system can be complicated when you have not filed your tax return before and you have to take a lot of things into account. The employees of this specialized company have years of experience in expat visas and know how to assist you in filing your taxes. They will help you in a personal and reliable way and will happily answer all of your questions. You are not required to use the Dutch M-form when you have been working for a Dutch company for over a year.

Download the questionnaire at the company’s website

Let the employees of this company assist you in filling out your Dutch M-form near Nijmegen. You can easily download the questionnaire on the website and print the document. After you have filled out the questions, you can send it to the company’s office. An experienced employee will then start your application and ensures that your tax return is arranged quickly and efficiently. You can contact Witlox International Tax Advice if you have any additional questions about this service.