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Do you wonder how you can improve the well-being of employees in an organization? Which initiatives could ensure that people continue to develop, and lifelong learning? Are you interested in creating an inclusive workplace where all employees feel at home? Do you also have a healthy interest in management? Then Human Resource Management is definitely for you!

During this training you immerse yourself in the world of HR: what is a successful HR policy? And how do you organize that? What are suitable HR strategies? And how do you implement it? By combining theory and practice, you will be a real HR expert in no time. You are familiar with digital HR policy and employment law. Company projects and visits, HR business game, training in personal effectiveness and an international project week: it is all covered during this training. Finally, to be completely up to date with the competences of the 21st century, we focus on training in personal, digital and international skills.(link is external)

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Anti-fraud spends $160 million annually

Today, almost all cars have digital odometers. Unfortunately, this does not mean that there are no more meter reading errors. Fraud has become even easier: according to media reports, around 160 million euros are defrauded every year.

Over the past 30 years, the number of cars with reversed mileage has declined sharply. In the 1980s, 35% of all cars had rollback counters, while now it’s only 2% and there are about 163,000 cars.

Rolling back is a crime

It is a crime to increase the mileage of a car. However, this is not the cause of the strong decline. We believe this is one of the few car sales sites that monitors odometer readings, and the steep decline over the years is down to better mileage recording, rather than a switch from an analog odometer to a digital odometer. Returning a digital counter is much simpler than an analog counter.

Prevent a lot of headaches

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