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Increasing milk production in your dairy cows is easy with the right supplements

Are you a dairy farmer who wants the best possible supplements for his cattle? Kimtec International provides you with high-quality, innovative solutions so increasing the milk production in dairy cows is possible and maybe even simple. It may be the case that your dairy cows provide less milk than other seasons. This may be an indication that they have a calcium deficiency. This mostly occurs in older dairy cows after calving. It can be rather dangerous though, as it may cause milk fever and possible death of your dairy cow. This is one of the main reasons Kimtec International has developed these supplements.

Find a solution by using a symptom as a research starting point

The welfare of dairy cows is rather important to the experts of Kimtec International but increasing milk production in dairy cows is a great side effect of their supplements! The developers used one of the symptoms as a starting point of their research: low glucose levels. Low glucose levels lead to the burning of body fat, thus putting a dairy cow into ketosis. Ketosis has decreased milk production as a result, something a dairy farm owner is not rather fond of! One way of increasing milk production in dairy cows is bringing these glucose levels back up by mixing ProGlyc® supplements into the feed. One of these supplements is the KatAn®-product line. This prevents milk fever and ketosis in dairy cows, thus increasing the milk production on a daily basis!

Request a customized product that fits your requirements

If you have any special requirements for increasing the milk production in your dairy cows, make sure to contact the experts of Kimtec International. It is possible to customize their products, so they perfectly fit your needs! You can find the contact information on their website. Discuss your situation now!