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The municipality of Wassenaar has seized Huize Ivicke. This means that the dilapidated monumental country house currently serves as collateral for the municipalities for costs that the municipality thinks it will have to incur. ‘We don’t know what other manipulations Van de Putte will do, and this is a kind of certainty,’ says a spokesman for the municipality.

The municipality has been in conflict with the controversial real estate magnate Ronnie van de Putte for quite some time. He has the nickname ‘slum king’ because he hardly maintains his property. That is also the case with Huize Ivicke. The municipality has been trying to persuade Van de Putte to renovate the building for years, but nothing happens.

The monumental country house belonged to the Muntendam Investment Company, but Van de Putte sold it on at the beginning of this year. In a few days it changed hands twice. But the slum king himself holds sway over the company that now owns it. So he sold it to himself twice.

Until July 20th time for a restoration

‘We are afraid that this sale will make it more difficult for us to recover any costs from Van de Putte,’ says the spokesman for the municipality. “That is why we have imposed a prejudgment attachment.” The municipality demands that the real estate magnate Huize Ivicke restore it in such a way that its monumental status is no longer at stake. That work must be completed by July 20 at the latest. If it is not ready by then, the municipality will get to work and the bill will be forwarded.

Because the property has been sold and a mortgage has also been taken out, the municipality finds it more difficult to recover those costs. Therefore, on April 29, the seizure was made. By the end of August, the municipality must now go to court to substantiate the demands of the seizure. The municipality is going to ask the judge to cancel the sale of Ivicke and the mortgage (6 million euros according to the Financieele Dagblad) should also be annulled. How the magnetfishing procedure will proceed now is up to the court, let the municipality know.


House Ivicke has been squatted since the summer of 2018. Ronnie van de Putte has previously indicated to the municipality that he cannot do anything as long as the squatters are in it. The municipality did not think that was a good argument, but would also like to get the squatters out themselves. A warning has been sent to the squatters and to Ronnie van de Putte that the municipality ‘wants to enforce’, so it plans to evacuate. The squatters and owner Ronnie van de Putte have responded with arguments. The municipality is now looking at those reactions.