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Make extra cash by renting this out

Let’s face it, the world we live in is an expensive one, and it is only going to get more expensive. Instead of working ourselves to death, why not make a little income on the side by renting some of our stuff out? If you are apprehensive about renting things, don’t be! Find yourself a decent lawyer if you don’t already have one and ask them to help you draw up a legally binding contract. Anything that you are worried about happening to your belongings or space, make sure it’s in the contract and if it happens, the renter will be the one liable and will have to repay for damages or anything else.

Many people also don’t try to rent their things or space out because as much as they could use the money, they simply can’t rent out some of the things people pay top dollar for. Things like a car or a house, are things not our average person can just rent to others. However, luckily for you, you came across this blog post with a compiled list of things you might be able to lease to people.

IPv4 address

You may or may not know this but in 2019, the global pool of Internet Protocol version 4 has been exhausted. Our IPv4 addresses are how our computers and computerized devices communicate with each other. Now, maybe companies and businesses are desperate to get their hands on IPv4 addresses in bulk. But that can get very expensive, very fast, so the many parties that are interested in getting Internet Protocol addresses rather lease them. If you are in possession of IPv4 addresses that you aren’t using, leasing it is a good option. If you do decide to lease IPv4 addresses, you may want to work with an IP broker, as they can help guide you in this market.


If you like to go all out for the holidays or for birthdays or any parties in general, then renting out your decorations can be a great investment. You aren’t using your party decorations all year round and this can give people an opportunity to go all out just as you do. Many people can’t afford to buy an entire setup for a party or just for home decor, but they can afford to rent it.

A bike

Many people aren’t able to rent out their cars because they need them themselves, but if you have a bike, that too can be a great item to rent. You won’t be able to rent a bike as much as you would a car, but you’d be surprised how many people are in need of a bike for a short-term time.