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Marketing on the verge of life and death

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– Over the past 12 years, due to the fact that there are 2 worlds – digital and real – our concentration has become 30% lower. Now we have only 8 seconds to impress a person on social networks, only 4 minutes to get a favorable opinion of us and only 30 seconds to make a good impression on a person during the first meeting. And all this because our brain makes a decision 30 seconds before it reaches our consciousness. These are not my words, these are the words of Tatiana Chernigovskaya, a great scientist, neurolinguist.

Time is now becoming the most important factor; a startup has only a month to survive – in human time, these are seconds. The creators of Silicon Valley, who had neither marketers nor money for them, but had a desire to introduce themselves to investors, created a new direction – marketing “on the verge of life and death” – Growth Hacking.

Don’t give a damn about the Growth Hacking strategy has 5 main elements:

Fast practices that are easy to implement. They can be low-budget or free. Then the company starts looking to see if it worked or not? Did not work? Throw it out without hesitation! There is no strategy. When the practice works, they begin to optimize and “tighten” it, improve and measure the result all the time. When there is no more optimization, they drop it and take on the next one.

Business automation, reducing routine and minimizing the influence of the human factor on business processes.

Creative marketing is a creative approach to advertising, both at the stage of its development and when choosing a way to deliver it to the end consumer.

Simple services, thanks to which a person does not need to spend a lot of time and effort on various routine processes.

The most important Growth Hacking commandment is to spit on strategy. Large companies now have a clear focus on explosive growth. Where growth hacking has already been implemented, CMOs are fired, especially if their business is retail. They are being replaced by robots and artificial intelligence. The program calculates everything by itself, why a marketer?

Instead of a CMO vacancy, there is an Explosive Growth Director vacancy. This is the person who finds the coolest and lowest budget tricks to cut costs and grow a business. Artificial intelligence is not able to do this yet.

The Most Important Commandment of Growth Hacking is the best result quickly and with the lowest cost

Credible videos

Changes in our brain dictate new trends. In digital marketing, video is the # 1 trend. This is due to the fact that video can grab our attention in 3 to 5 seconds, and sometimes even less. If you shoot a video correctly, correctly build trust with its help, incite the desire to buy, then there will be much more result.

There are 1200% more reposts of posts containing video than posts with textual information.

92% of online shoppers said video was the deciding factor that drove them to buy a product.

Next year, 80% of consumer traffic will be video. 4 out of 5 people will watch the video, not read about the product.

Videos can grab our attention in 3 to 5 seconds

Robots control people

Software robots are the fastest growing segment in IT. According to Western experts, 47% of professions by 2033 will be replaced by robots. These will be professions that perform a routine – the same clerks in banks, or salespeople. Instead of them, an automaton can do all this. It is likely that we will also have such an optimization soon.

The automation process is in progress. In China, for example, thanks to biometrics and payment systems that are installed on virtually every mobile device, some places no longer have merchants at all. You enter the store, they read you, take the goods, scan and see directly on the phone what the receipt is.

There is an example of amazing return from a robot – one flower company, where 46% of mail sales are automated, and they do not touch it at all. An adorable character appeared in their story – a small teddy bear, from whom messages flow.

Western experts estimate that 47% of routine jobs will be replaced by robots by 2033

Love is useful content

Information develops intelligence, but we lack feelings. There is a very large imbalance. According to statistics, a person spends 6-8 hours daily in the digital space. This means that we do not communicate with people one-on-one, the exchange of feelings goes through digital, which means that we need love and energy even more.

Now there is such a theory that for a business leader, it is not so much intelligence that is important as energy, emotions and emotional capital. Now you yourself can observe that those posts on the Internet that are filled with warmth, love, openness and sincerity cause a much greater resonance.

Yona Berger, a professor at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, writes in her book that the essence of marketing is not to impose things on people that they do not want or consider unnecessary, but to spread love. Love is valuable and useful content, be it free training courses, webinars, or master classes.

Marketing focuses on people’s sincere enthusiasm

There will be 2 times more bloggers

Influencers are people who are trusted and loved. These can be celebrities, industry experts, bloggers, public figures, directors of large companies, in a word, people who have serious authority and influence on consumer preferences. They can help you spread love.

They can create an interesting video about your product, tell about you, give a comment, they can create an educational video course with you, they can speak at your event, they can invite you to an event. If they do it with love, and integrate it well into their content, then it will be deposited in the subconscious of the audience and will inspire trust. According to experts, the market for opinion leaders represented by bloggers will double next year. It is now the fastest growing market.

The first one gets the advantage

Despite the obvious benefits of digital marketing, most companies still don’t use it. Why? Everything is very simple. They need an example, a business case. They need a trailblazer. As it usually happens, if something works for a competitor, then the leaders of other companies immediately run to repeat. However, whoever implements this first will have a great advantage. Whoever is the first to introduce these technologies into their business will have a very powerful lead.

Successful brands create ‘individual universes’: build new worlds

Avoid zero result

Any company that starts introducing digital technologies into its business can make mistakes that will nullify all efforts. The first mistake is not understanding the purpose, why they are doing it. The second is a lack of understanding of technology. Due to a lack of understanding of technology, people find a contractor, not understanding how to set tasks for him, not being able to assess his workload.

For example, an entrepreneur wants a video because a competitor has it. He comes to the agency, where he gets a huge check, and, let’s say, he agrees, and starts filming videos with the agency. At the output, he has 7-10 videos, but does not understand where to place them and, most importantly, why. They are laid out “somewhere” and just lie, bringing zero result.

To avoid this, you need to build everything according to the funnel principle: curiosity – interest – trust – desire – purchase. You need to understand that the first video should arouse curiosity in order for a person to go to the site. The second video, already on the site, should clearly explain or teach something so that a person leaves his contacts out of interest. The third video should be sent by e-mail, which would tell about success stories, or how to apply the product. The next item is “wanting” to know how the product works. Here you can send the client a video, in which, for example, the director invites to an event, or offers a discount on a product, or a webinar.

Host webinars

This is an interactive business television. If you have a B2B, expensive product or service, then webinars are perfect for you. Through training, you collect contacts, talk about the product, and encourage you to do something. You can post the link during the webinar directly to the chat and the person will instantly take the action you need. This format is great for building trust and you can sell trust and desire through it.

The third mistake is the inability to evaluate the contractor or person who is hired for the position of digital marketer. It is very important here to hire a specialist who has experience, already has business cases and success stories.

A social network that the regions love

One of the latest trends on Instagram is a huge post under the photo. Previously, this social network was just a photo album, now it is becoming a media. In addition, Instagram has a lot of interesting formats. Stories alone offer the user a lot of creativity. But there is also InstagramTV, where you can upload long videos, and “Actual” with the ability to group stories by album …

How your Instagram account is designed is very important. This is both a profile header, where you can place a link to your resource, and “Actual”. If it’s a business, then you can show a selection of your products, happy customers or short reviews. For concrete examples, take a look at @SweetGreen – it’s a whole brand world.

Another trend is travel, which is easily realized through this social network. The sharing economy is developing. A person does not need to buy a car, he can rent it. Human money is not sent to physical things, because they are already available, they are sent to see the world.

Choose a platform to start

Trends show that the most promising platforms are YouTube and the mysterious TikTok. Why? Because the video. Trends and young people play very well on the TikTok side. This social network has the fastest growing community at the moment. However, with TikTok, it is not yet clear how it can be commercialized for brands. Many companies and bloggers go there, but nevertheless, the question of monetization remains open. Facebook to this day remains the network of experts, the network of the most solvent part of the population.

The whole complex always works well. Try everywhere, the main thing is to combine. For example, a messenger is paired with mail. A short message is sent in the messenger and a more detailed and interesting message is sent by mail. Especially if your audience is 30+, which is recognized as the most “reading”. Store videos of the company on YouTube, because from there it is very convenient to embed them on your website or landing page.

It is impossible to say absolutely exactly which path is right for your company – you need to try, and try everything together, watch and analyze. We shouldn’t forget about targeting, because it will help you interact with the audience that is really interested in your product.

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