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Order your multichannel biogas analyser from an expert in this area

Are you looking for high-quality analytical equipment like a biogas analyser for your company? GAS provides you with a turnkey solution that is easy to operate and fully automated! This makes analytical activities easy like Sunday morning! The biogas analyser from GAS is available in different configurations and can be implemented in different markets. You can get a turnkey solution, from single valve detector instruments to comprehensive multichannel biogas analysers. The configuration depends on your own components of interest. Which accuracy does your system require? Do you have a specific analysis time in mind? All these components and more can be processed into the design of your biogas analyser.

Adherence to all standardised safety methods is a given

If you need a biogas analyser, GAS should be the first partner that comes to mind. They have over 40 years of experience in the development and implementation of bespoke analysis equipment. They have developed machinery for various markets such as Energy, Refinery, Chemical and Environmental. Every client has received a biogas analyser that completely adhered to all their wishes. The analysers also comply with all the standardised methods for gas analysis such as:

  • GPA 2261 / 2177 / 2186 / 2286
  • ISO 6974 / 6975
  • ASTM D1945 / D1946 / D6228

Of course, if you would like to adhere to other standardised measurement and/or method systems, make sure to discuss this with one of the engineers over at GAS.

Find a local dealer in your area

GAS works with local dealers all over the world to supply their biogas analysers to their customers. In this field, GAS is the Preferred Solution Partner for Thermo Scientific. They have dealers all across the world. Would you like to receive more information? Do not wait any longer and discover which biogas analyser suits your needs best! You can find the contact information on the website of GAS.