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Staying or leaving?

After living in the same house for a couple years, you might get bored of the house. But that does not say that you have to move houses. If you doubt about staying in your house or leaving, you have two options. One is looking for another house and if you like that house better than your current house, you move. And two is looking at your current house and change the things you do not like, so it will feel like you live in a new, better house. In this article we will provide you some tips for option two and hopefully you will be happy in your house again after you tried this.


The first advise is to take a couple days off to clean and tidy your house completely. Reorganize is as if it were a new house. A way to do this, is to choose a room and get all the stuff out, so you have something close to a white canvas. When the room is empty, you have the opportunity to make bug changes, like painting the walls in a different colour. This can change the whole vibe of the room. When painting walls, it has become old-fashioned to use a paintbrush. Using a spray gun is so much easier! The wagner w500 is a good one. After that you have to look critically at the stuff and only put back the things you really need or that truly make you happy. Things you do not need anymore, you can give away to a thrift shop or charities.


Furthermore, it is good to try and remember what made you feel in love with the house in the first place. Was it the neighbourhood, the size of the house, how the light falls into the house? It can be anything. Maybe by doing that, you will find your love for the house again.


Staying or leaving?

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