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The importance of a good lock for the front door

Replace lock to the front door

The front door is our own obvious way into the home, but equally obvious it is also for thieves. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have an approved door lock in the right locking class and a study safety-locked door. A golden rule is that you should always change the door lock when moving to a new home, if it is not a new production.

If someone previously lived in the home, it is difficult to know how many copies of keys they have made and if you have received all copies of the keys when you move in. But this rule applies not only to the front door but also to the window locks and patio doors, something that we will go into further down. You should also consider to change the lock on the garage door. 

When it comes to entrance doors and locks for them, there are different types of locks to choose from, but the most important thing is that you choose one that holds a good standard. You should only choose locks, security doors and other safety products that are certified with Fire and Safety Certification.

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Security classification and different door locks

There are several different types of locks to choose from, such as a two-function lock, such a lock has both a home safe and unmatched locking. This means that the door can be locked from the inside with a wrench that is deactivated, so if you want to unlock the door lock from the outside then a key is required. Or you can purchase an approved lock cylinder to the door, where you choose the cylinder model that fits and a key with copy protection.
If keys are not really your thing, you can choose an electronic door lock.

In order to keep the thief away, it is not enough to replace an approved lock or to replace the lock cylinder. Now, many people are investing in security doors, which in modern times are quite pretty.

A security door also has other safety features such as damping sound and applying fire protection. But in the same way that it is not only enough with locks, it’s also not enough to have only a safety-fitted front door.

If there is not an approved and good locking device on the security door and vice versa, much of the protection is unfortunately lost. So make sure you have both a good door and a good lock device on it to maximize your full safety.

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The importance of a good lock for the front door