The lowest price or the highest quality for underfloor heating

Cutting corners under the floor?

As a company you should make the decision whether you want to be a price fighter or want to go for quality. Not that the one excludes the other outright, but as we all know must ‘cheap’ has a reason.

Incognito Underfloor Heating Glasgow has competitive prices, but is not in the cost-cutting market. Reason for this is that we do not want to hurt the quality of our products aqnd services. Let us be honoust about this: on the underfloor heating your precious flooring and furniture is placed, so who doesn’t want to be sure that that the underfloor heating is laid out with A-quality materials? Our distribution units are of the German brand Ambiente produced in the factory in the UK. State-of-the-art welding robots take care of the welding and each finished product is tested for operation and leaks because they are pressurerised.

Also special about to these distribution units is that they are made of European-produced, steel hollow sections with a unique thickness of no less than 3 mm and are fitted with a plastic Grundfos pump casing. Also here are differences with other distributors, where other pumps are used and the steel less thick. All in all, you wiil be asured that with our Ambiente distribution units you will be assured of a high quality product. They come with a standard 5 year warranty as opposed to the 2 or 3 years with other brands.

Our underfloor heating tube is made up of 5 layers instead of the usual 3 layers tube. The big difference with the 3 layers tube is that the EVOH layer, is not on the outside of the tube and extra protected by a PE-RT layer. This makes the tube much better protected from damage and keeps the oxygen tube always closed. To cut a ling story short: Incognito Heat Co Underfloor Heating Edinburgh stands for A-quality at a competitive price!

The lowest price or the highest quality for underfloor heating