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Thinking about investing ?

Thinking about investing? Read the IG review!

Everybody knows that you can’t just get into investing. It’s not some hobby, and it’s certainly not something you just jump straight into. It takes knowledge, skill and patience; and it of course takes the right platform to do it on as well. You’re going to need a broker. A broker is a company that you can sign up with to start investing. The company can act as something that can provide back-up funds, or it can just be a company that takes a small share of each individual profit for you to be able to use their platform. Either way, you can’t do it any other way, unless you’re interested in investing through a bank. That is often more expensive, and you won’t have total control over it. One broker is called “IG”, or “IG Markets” in full. It is widely known for having a great investing platform that can run on mobile as well, and it is recommended for investors looking for a stable and reliable broker. If you’re looking for more information on this company, we recommend reading an IG review.

Trading with IG Markets

Some brokers are shady. Sadly, that’s the truth. One way to tell if a broker is legit or not is by checking if they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). IG Markets is one of those companies that is regulated by the FCA, and on top of that offers so much more. For example; their helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, you get access to free seminars and webinars, there’s a low spread and low overnight rate you can take advantage of and more. For more information about this broker, it might be a good idea to consider reading reviews. Reviews, specifically an IG review, can give you in-depth information about the broker.

Thinking about investing ?