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Try the Street Food in Gdynia


Try the street food in Gdynia

It is very common for a city to be different in each and every aspect. One of the things that makes a city different from the rest is the food. Food is something that gives a city its unique identity. Although there is something special about every city, the importance of food in the culture and tradition of a city cannot be ignored. By the word food, we don’t mean the food that you find in restaurants and hotels but the real food; street food. Street food is something that represents that real flavor of a city which has been developed over the years as the city with the evolution of the city.

Same is the case with Gdynia. Gdynia’s unique identity is because of its street food. There are many types of street food stalls available that serve some of the finger licking food. Some of the best street food items you can find in Gdynia are:

Cheese Sandwiches

There is no compromising when it comes to cheese sandwiches. There are many restaurants in Gdynia from where you can get delicious cheese sandwiches but if you want the best flavor, try those offered in the street food stalls. The sandwiches filled with spiced meat and loaded with Mozzarella cheese will fill your mouth with water.

Meat and Cheese Balls

The meat and cheese balls are one of the specialties of Gdynia. There are many stalls that offer these traditional meat and cheese balls. These are made with minced meat, mixed with secret spices and the center is filled with cheese. You can get these cheese balls in different variants including cheddar, mozzarella, and others. Don’t forget to ask for that mustard and mayo sauce.

Baked Potatoes with Spicy Sauces

When it comes to European cities, one thing that comes to mind is the use of potatoes. Gdynia is also very fond of potatoes and this loved vegetable can be found in different forms here. One of the best dishes made with potatoes are the baked potatoes with spicy sauces. These can be found in two forms, mashed and baked potatoes, and wholesome baked potatoes. Both of these types have its own taste. However, mashed potatoes are most preferred because of the spices used in them. The sauce is very different that makes the flavor very rich and leave the taste buds craving for more.

These are some of the best street food items you can find in Gdynia. If you have a long plan of staying in Gdynia, book a room in a hotel in Gdynia. There are many affordable hotels in Gdynia that you can choose. When you book a room in a hotel in Gdynia, you get the chance of moving out and eating whatever you want with your family and friends. the courtyard hotel in Gdynia has a scandinavian restaurant on the first floor. More information about a budget hotel in Gdynia

Try the Street Food in Gdynia