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What is a lifting station?


A lifting station consists of a small or larger reservoir. In this reservoir is one or are multiple pumps placed. The purpose of this lifting station is to collect the domestic/industrial waste water. It is also possible to subsequently pump the rainwater into the sewage system.

These lifting stations are usually used in the homes and companies, where the distance to the sewage system and the homes and companies too great is to discharge the waste water without pump. It is also possible to locate the sewage system at a higher location than the company or the home. This is often the case with the souterrains.

Parking garages and other buildings where a slope or ramp is used, are usually required to install the lifting station. A lifting station offers the perfect solution for situations at which thousands of litres fall from the sky by heavy rainfall. In the locations with a slope or ramp, this water will flow downwards. It must be drained by a lifting station.

A lifting station can also be installed in case of an emergency, such as in pre-fabricated buildings. The lifting stations ensure that the waste water from the buildings is collected and then automatically is discharged.

What is a DSD system?

Some types of lifting stations are equipped with the DSD systems. The is a special system because it makes the placement and the maintenance of the pump a lot more convenient in comparison to the lifting stations without the DSD system. When using the system, it allows you to easily attach the clamp around the pump outlet, after which you can attach this particular clamp around the DSD kit.

Where to buy an lifting station?

You can buy a lifting station from On this website it is possible to buy a lot of products related to the lifting station, such as a water pump or a submersible pump.

What is a lifting station?